We manage one of your major cost and success factors:

Your supply.

BINCRES brings your procurement to the next level









We carefully manage the supply chain and start with a strong supplier relationship build on trust and long-term view. We optimise logistics and continuously monitor processes to mitigate risks in an early stage.

Our international network of partners and our membership in reputed international organisations helps us to quickly and reliably source goods from suppliers located around the world.

We source your goods on time

BINCRES is an international Procurement
company with offices in the:


BINCRES in Philippines

BINCRES Trading Inc.
6th Floor, Mabuhay Tower,
Cebu IT Park, Brgy. Lahug,
Cebu City, Cebu 6000,


BINCRES in Seychelles

BINCRES Trading Limited
F02-04 Oceanic House,
Providence Estate,
Mahé – Seychelles

United Arab Emirates

BINCRES in Dubai United Arab Emirates

Lionsrock General Trading LLC
Gold & Diamond Park, Building 4
Office 202, Dubai, UAE


Our team of experts seamlessly integrate with your team and work as an extension of your company to handle the global procurement. We handle the identification and vetting of potential suppliers, the request for quote and evaluation of offers, the contracting and quality control, the supply logistics and the administration of the payment.

Our experienced specialists run the process smoothly and inline with our clients interest. Focus on saving money and building long lasting relationships – always the interest of the client as the guiding factor.

We make sure, you get the goods when you need them


Our logistic specialists design the logistic according to you need, making sure, that the goods arrive on time at the correct locations. A well working and optimised Supply Chain Management is one of the big requirements of our time. It has to take into consideration potential disruptions and needs to be flexible to adapt to changing demand.

The well established Supply Chain Analytics applied by BINCRES allows for continued improvement of all processes and an exact monitoring of the performance of subcontractors. This is one of the areas, where the ISO 9001:2015 certification of BINCRES shows its direct and positive influence.

The right material at the right time

The last mile.

BINCRES has added OfficeRock to its services for clients. OfficeRock is an e-procurement solution with a strong B2B business for office equipment and other office supply in the United Arab Emirates. The company has a sophisticated technology platform that allows for efficient and flexible handling of clients request.

OfficeRock closes the last mile in the offering of BINCRES in the UAE, providing the companies with the possibility to profit from the sourcing services of BINCRES even with low order numbers. OfficeRock runs its own warehouse and has its own delivery crews to secure the fast and flexible handling of all purchase orders.


We at BINCRES believe in optimised processes and strict quality controls. Therefore BINCRES has put in place sophisticated IT support and documented workflows. This comprehensive business system is ISO certified for the benefit of our clients:

Make your procurement a value generating process



F02-04 Oceanic House
Providence Estate
Mahé – Seychelles

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6th Floor, Mabuhay Tower,
Cebu IT Park, Brgy. Lahug,
Cebu City, Cebu 6000,

Call us +63 32 342 7786

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